2020 Winter Schedule

Our Winter Session will begin January 6, 2020

You can register now for any classes with spots available!


JA-Jenna Antoncecchi
DN-Dawn Marie Nee
SH-Sheena Harper

*Studio Gowan is named after my always supportive Family
*Studio Merrill is named after first and greatest Dance Teacher Irene Merrill  





Studio Gowan (Downstairs)

PreBallet 4:15-4:45pm DN- 1 spot open 

Ballet 3 4:45-5:45pm DN-2 spots left 
Hip Hop 3 5:45-6:30pm DN- 2 spots left 

Studio Merrill (Upstairs)  

Ballet 8 4:00-5:30pm-SH- Full

Lyrical 8 5:30-6:30pm-SH- Full
Ballet 10 
6:30-8:00-SH- Full

Lyrical 10 8:00-9:00-SH- Full



Studio Gowan (Downstairs)

Mommy and Me 10:00-10:30am-SH-1 spot left

PreBallet 4:15-4:45pm-JA-Full

Ballet 4 4:45-5:45pm-JA-Full

Hip Hop 4 5:45-6:30pm-JA-Full
Adult Ballet 6:30-7:30pm - 2 spots left
Adult Lyrical 
7:30-8:30pm - 4 spots left


Studio Merrill (Upstairs)

Ballet 5 4:30-5:45pm - Full

Lyrical 5 5:45-6:30pm-1 spot left 

Ballet 9 6:30-8:00pm-JA- Full

Lyrical 9 8:00-9:00pm-JA- Full






Studio Gowan (Downstairs)

Ballet/Hip Hop 1 4:15-5:00pm-SH- Full

Ballet 2 5:00-5:45pm JA- 3 spots left 

Hip Hop 2 5:45-6:15pm JA- 7 spots left
Ballet 7 
6:15-7:45pm JA- Full 

Lyrical 7 7:45-8:45pm-JA- 3 spots left 


 Studio Merrill (Upstairs)

Hip Hop 4 5:00-5:45pm-SH- Full

Ballet 4 5:45-6:45pm-SH- Full

Hip Hop 8,9,10 6:45-7:30pm-SH- Full

Ballet 9,10 7:30-9:00pmSH- Full

Studio Gowan (Downstairs)

PreBallet 4:00-4:30pm-SH- Full

Ballet 1/2 4:30-5:15pm DN- 2 spots left 

Hip Hop 1/2 5:15-5:45pm DN-2 spots left 

Hip Hop 5 5:45-6:30pm DN-5 spots left 

Hip Hop 6 6:30-7:15pm-DN-Full

Hip Hop 7 7:15-8:00pm-DN-7 spots left 


Studio Merrill (Upstairs)

Tap 6 4:00-4:30pm- DN- 8 spots left
Ballet 6
 4:30-5:45pm-SH- Full

Lyrical 6 5:45-6:30pm SH- Full

Ballet 8,10 6:30-8:30pmSH- Full

Pas De Deux 8:30-9:00pmSH-Full







Studio Gowan (Downstairs)

Tap 1/2- 4:30-5:00pm DN- 5 spots left

Tap 3/5- 5:00-6:00pm DN- 7 spots left


 Studio Merrill (Upstairs)

Tap 7/9 6:00-7:00pm DN- 4 spots left 

Studio Gowan (Downstairs)

PreBallet 9:30-10:00amED- 2 spots left 

Ballet 1 10:00-10:45am-ED- Full
HipHop 110:45-11:15am ED- 2 spots left  


Studio Merrill (Upstairs)